Launched on November 11, 1939, the Gentleman’s Yacht Fifer was and still is the only yacht of her make. She was designed by Naval Architect Robert Allan and built at the Burrard Drydocks in Vancouver, B.C.

The Fifer was originally commissioned for Captain William Crawford of the Empire Stevedoring Company as a retirement cruiser bound for Fifeshire, Scotland. The Canadian Military, however, directed her onto a different course. Outfitted with machine guns and armour-plated windows, the Fifer was converted into a patrol vessel for Japanese submarines, serving until the end of the war. Crawford passed shortly before this, never realizing his dream of cruising the world.

The Fifer has had several distinguished owners since the war, including: R. M. Andrews of the Maquinna Investment Company; Edward Lowe of San Francisco; Clarence Wallace, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia; the Powell River Company of British Columbia; prominent lawyer and celebrated San Francisco resident Melvin Belli; and Tom and Linda Pellarin.

Recently, the Fifer was purchased by an avid yachtsman with a keen interest in classic yacht restoration. The crew is working to bring her back to the original grandeur of the 1930s replete with modern amenities.