Weeks between October 13th and November 9th

The past month marked a major milestone of the project, we are back where we started but with all new steel.  At this point we have rebuilt roughly 65% of the hull under the foredeck.  Almost every frame has been replaced and all deck beams are new 4″ camber angle covered with steel deck.

Teak decks will be placed over the steel sub deck retaining the look and feel of the original decks.

The aft WT bulkhead steel was pitted in the bilge past the floors  so in the spirt of the refit any bad steel was cut out and replaced with new.

We took the time to straighten deformations in the bulwarks, this attention to detail will pay off later on in the project when the ship is being faired and painted.  Below you can see frames welded to the steel deck used to pull and push on the hull.

All portlights and deadlights were removed prior to the start of the work, below you can see the result of polishing.

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